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You'll Never Know

Someday K

from the Mad Hatter:

"Realizing the brain takes in six billion signals per second. Most of which are hidden and not given to the senses. We're limited to a few futile primitive tools of perception. Livin' in a universal pool of firsthand deception.

The mind's job is to receive the signals & block out the ones that don't coincide with imprinted symbols. That way the information you obtained is recognized. Reality is thinkable; incomparable to space and time.

It makes a map of the territory that gives us the topic of the Copenhagen Interpretation of modern quantum physics, which states we don't know the meal. We only know the menu that our brains tells us is real.

We don't know the rules of our heads. From inside our minds we can't see the truth. No one really knows exactly what happens when we think, therefore we can NEVER REALLY KNOW anything.

This is the conciseness revolution. You got the right to think. Don't think about just do it."

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