...don't be afraid...

are you ready?

Someday K

as I sat in meditation, my mind placed me in an old temple with asian hieroglyphics on the walls. Plants growing through the cracks of the stone work. It was dark but torches were lit. a foggy mist lined the ground and the rims of the dark hallways and entries. I felt a brisk breeze on the back of my neck and energy I can't explain entered the room. out of the corner of my eye I saw a being. the being was very close. It had an elephant trunk and eyes that could tell you all the truths. I was scared but as this deity I recognized as Ganesha came face to face with me, staring deeply into my eyes, a confident power arose and he left as swiftly as he came. I paused for moment and came out of meditation in awe. it was incredible. this is a rendition of what I saw.

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