...you know the way...

fear me not


As I wandered deeper into the depths of the woods, a cool, damp air settled on my skin, cloaking it with the scent of the forest. Light was getting dim as the day was turning to night. Thoughts of settling by a camp fire enriched my mind. Just then I became aware of the sensation that I was being followed. As if I was being watched from a close distance, but nothing surrounded me except the trees and the soft song of a jaybird finishing his day. The feeling was not that of danger but more so of a graceful power. A wandering wisdom. I pressed forward, progressing towards the last glimpse of daylight. A quick breeze grasped my attention raising the fine hairs on the back of my neck. To the left I glanced. My chest tightened, eyes widened, and I was frozen in my tracks. A large wolf had swiftly entered my gaze... I had no clue what to do, think, feel... I was frozen. We stared deep in to each other’s eyes and I could begin to hear a voice. A voice which was that of the wolf & it spoke “fear me not, for I am your strength and courage that resides within you. You may not see me throughout your journey but know that I am with you.” The wolf then swiftly vanished, and I set forth to make camp, taking in all that had just occurred. I felt strong, I felt at peace. I felt as my future days were going to those of true greatness. Impenetrable of the darkness that lurks in the shadows. The light was growing ever so bright. The path was becoming ever more certain and clear.

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