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Rocky Says So


i first met Rocky out in Longboat Key. Amongst all the birds, he was the prettiest to me. He saw me & said a little somethin but just like that, somethin turned to nothin. but when my sister walked up, his ears perked up. "pretty bird" were the words she spoke, not knowing they would provoke the mac dad inside that pretty birds pad. Rocky went from sad to the top of the super rad. He gave my sister a glance and began to do his strutful dance. he gracefully moved towards her & let out a little whisper. it sounded like a laugh, a soft little chuckle. we tried to move past but then his rebuttal. He grabbed the cage tight & his words began to take flight. he spoke only to my sister &  it was way more than a whisper. Rocky was a ladies man. Rocky had the master plan. to woo every woman with his pink feathers & talented tongue. He loved all the girls voices & the songs that they sung. My sister was impressed and Rocky felt so free. the memory of the mood will forever live in me.

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