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soul full of sunshine

Someday K

..."soul full of sunshine"... a piece created for one of my greatest friends in the world, Chase Christensen, in honor of his Mother... Judy... Judy was a soul full of sunshine and she spread her sunshine and happiness to every single person she ever came in contact with. She truly was an angel. Along with being the best mother a human could know, She also donated her time to a wonderful foundation called 3 Hopeful Hearts. This foundation helps provide grief companionship to families after the loss of a child of any age and cause. This piece is a remembrance of Judy Christensen and the continuation of her truly outstanding love, care and passion she spread through this world. ALL PROCEEDS from purchases of this piece will be donated to the 3 Hopeful Hearts Foundation and always remember, be kind, be generous and spread love and light to ALL of those around you. 

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