...zero fear...

winter blues


the hues he felt were dealt by the wind. As if sin had punished his being into seeing too many things at once. all at once he felt the chill but continued with the will of an alpha. A leader that would meter the time spent from thought to thought and brought strength in the lengthy dark times. the sunshine's so beautifully and melodic sound does so well in soothing he but in the essence of proving he, he had to see things different. misplaced was the space on calm and stillness. a mental illness had taken over the patterns. he was trapped and forgot what was mapped & felt as though he was being lapped in a race with a shoe lace untied tripping his every stride. Pride must be restored as he poured out his emotions. he churned inside like the oceans waves. He saved his sanity by releasing the vanity of perfection. section by section he broke through. through time and through connections he found his recollections and remembered why he was alive. The power of the pack was the piece he lacked but now he's back...even stronger in fact. family matters

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