...dreams are not dreamt without failed attempts...


“Someday” is what it has always been about. The thought I have wanted to share and inspire within my art. I have always gone by something “K” (for Kevin, that’s my name). I’ve had the names Special-K, K-Dub, Someday K, and my personal favorite, K.
“Someday K” was always meant to be “Someday”. The “K” was attached as a signature of sorts, truly for domain name purposes.
Before “Someday”, there was “Adapt”. My first concept. The only problem with “Adapt” was that I never truly considered it mine. I saw it written on a sign in graffiti while living in Boulder. I loved the concept, but in time I realized it wasn’t truly my original concept, so I dropped “Adapt” in search for my own original concept/message.
I came up with “Someday” when dreaming about being with this girl actually. She moved far away, and I told her “we will find each other someday” (I’m kind of a hopeless romantic). It clicked to me that I had been and had heard someday being spoken a tremendous amount by myself and others around me. It wasn’t just about a girl, it could be about anything you desired that you did not have yet. Someday requires patience and evolution. Adapting. So, from that day on, “SOMEDAY” was born.
“Someday” IS the dream. Your dreams take work, and more work, and then reworking and then you might go through some stuff and then you gotta rework it again! Like I said “Someday” is an evolution. It is a culmination of failures and successes that ultimately bring you to your destination. The destination may have varied along the way. Lost pieces here. Gained pieces there. And then lost a few more. But the dream is the goal! The outcome you have created for yourself with your own mind, body and soul. “Someday” is constructing, deemed to be impossible things by others, but going out there and doing it anyways, because you believe it! Somedays you give up hope, somedays you lose that vision, but it is important to never let go. You have everything inside you to do everything and anything you desire. To have a billion somedays. You have everything inside you to overcome anything! You build that someday, one day at a time. Don’t rush. Learn patience. Learn to focus. Clarify your intentions daily and those dreams you have dared to dream will come true. There will be failed attempts but in failing you learn how to succeed.
We must be true to ourselves and everything around us. Be grateful for EVERYTHING we have, from your toes to the stars in the sky and the family you have in everyone. We must do what we love, no matter how it makes you look, because it’s your life. Do you. Its way funner that way.
and always, Always:
Oh...and the angel...His name is Saver and he's got your back when things get too dark