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My name is Kevin Thomas Weinreich, and I am the creator behind Someday (formerly Someday K).
My art is a culmination of emotions, feelings, animals, stories and vibrant colors set off by my bold line work. I create in a few different ways. I create on a digital format/ print format meaning I draw all of the black linework in my sketchbook and then I bring those drawing in to Illustrator and then photoshop to digitally color and texture them. I make them in high resolution and perfectly made for print, in which I print and produce everything myself, sell everything myself and all pieces are limited edition meaning they have a two-year print life. after that two years they go out of print, never to be printed again. Copies do not exceed 50 for canvas and 250 for print. I also paint watercolors where I sell the originals and sell copies of them as well. For my watercolors I use the paint as a sketch and then use Sharpie to clarify the image and add pattern work to style it out. This technique is similar with my canvas acrylic work, but with acrylics, there are many more layers and levels but once the color is down I use oil-based sharpie marker or India-ink to style it out and clarify the image. These I do not make copies of and rarely sell or show. Don’t know why.
My name is Kevin Thomas Weinreich, and I have been plagued with depression since I can remember. It has taken me 33 years to admit this. I have called it my darkness or my darkside, fearing to call it what it actually is. Depression. It’s been such a battle, when depression kicks in it takes over. I am a different person. I am self-destructing, angry, frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, insecure, sometimes unapproachable, and I can’t get out. I am hopeless when this takes over. The only things that I have found to combat my depression over the years is my art and adventuring (biking, running, hiking, traveling, being with nature) all of this is done usually by myself with music on blast because it’s hard to be around people when I am feeling that way. I feel rude and mean and I don’t like being rude and mean. I am gentle and kind. So, what you really have here, on this site, it’s my therapy. This is what makes me ok and returns me to confidence and kindness and gentleness. So, for all of you who say please don’t stop making your art, I promise you, I will not. This is how I get by. This is how I get through my darkness called depression.
My name is Kevin Thomas Weinreich, and I am an addict. I have been Sober since May 5, 2018.
Personal I know, but this is me. being real & true. Life can be a struggle but there is so much to love.
Keep Kind.