...zero fear...



apparently the care i seek is a simple peck on the cheek when im feeling weak. week by week my moods will peak & plummet. from gracious summits to polar plunges. from this I've been like sponges, soaking in all my oneness to see how to overcome this high & low cycle. recycle & replenish your energy while spending time reminding yourself not to fear. fear keeps you from fun. fear makes you wanna run a way. but what if you stay? play with your day.  play with your thoughts. silence them if you must and trust that nothing really matters so if it shatters & is ripped to tatters, gather up the pieces & release the failure for the future has the suture that'll suite your thoughts of the low. we reap what we sew so continue to go even if it means to ride slow. show yourself the wealth of not giving a fuck about the income or the outcome. sum it up to experiences...luck & move with purpose like a mac truck. pluck the feathers for there's no need to fly when you're floating. toating zero weight feels really great. choose to relate to the trees and stars. we all have scars but its just mechanical lessons learned & experiences earned, as the pages are turned we continue unconcerned with the emotions that burned us so badly and radly send life & be wild like your wife. don't have a wife, more like a free bird that will never be labeled the word as it carries an absurd value that is unheard but known by all. property for ones possession is the lesson that needs to lessen as we lessen our grips on what we feel we need to grasp and set fire to the task. remove the societal mask and bask in the grass, ass out, naked without a doubt. one with your way. proud of the way you play. stay true in what you say and the vibe you wish to convey. you cant lead them astray if you're real everyday. no shame in the game and let others feel the same. blame no one. not even you. continue without a hitch. ditch that minus cuz it doesn't add up & that cup will always be full.

how do you want live your life?

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