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we should remember the good times & the not so cheery ones, as sometimes glimpses of the sun in the cloudy ones are the most special times. as we are all inclined to design our lives the best way possible, some times loss of control is the most eventful and expedites the purposeful marks made in the journey. what doesn't fit me does not concern me as i firmly release my lease on needing to police the public. love it for what it is to YOU & not what others wanna chew. Get that clue & know that life happens quick so stick to your program & revamp your slow dance while you insert the master plans to remind yourself how you made this wealth & remove yourself up off the shelf. return to artistic and creative action. find some traction & get moving but also find time for stillness. if you build this, more will come so sum up your fears and face them all with positivity within the minus. add it up to what makes sense & prevent mishaps and run laps and take naps cuz that wraps life facts. Balance is essential & patience is THE virtue. pursue it in full confidence cuz heaven sent these gifts to be used. be good. be safe. know that life has your back. that's the fact. lay down the mac with a dope life intact.

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