...zero fear...

how ya feelin?


joy, serenity, sorrow & anger. to a stranger you may appear to have no fear but as sincere as it gets the habit forgets to cover its face and feel the disgrace. placed upon a pedestal, a proud moment, and for a moment you can be proud. but when you say allowed a truth that's not true, it can bring you into confusion as the fusion of fact and fiction cause friction and one might lose his or her way. that is to say you think you lost the way but it'll change with the day as moods can rise in compromise & fall in to a bottomless pit. as you sit with each emotion, each has its magical potion like the notion that life's lessons never lesson. with each question you create growth and growth creates conflict and you walk with this toxic drama till your mama tells you its okay to feel this way. you're human & we make mistakes. so take that and bring it back to how you react when the fact is its all good. you should be happy. you should be sad. you should be angry and you should be glad. you're a being of emotion. a being of mystery and the sooner you can realize your own history you'll be blissed out in your self made symphony. life is peace. life is love. live is a struggle but we rise above.

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