...zero fear...

soul meets body


Periodically i pass tense to build fences around faces and places that leave ME faceless. As i pace this process of lifes lessons, i decipher the message & hope the suffering lessons. As pleasant as it all sounds the mounds pile up a mile up so i dial up pizza hut to fill my gut to move this rut thats been covered up by this lazy pup. the cup is half empty or is it half full, sometimes when i push all it does is pull. it tugs on my soul like its truly in control. from the north to the south pole i wander alone. let go of my phone and do nothing but roam. its lifes endless poem. a work of art i'm creating and am at the same time. finding time is like writing a rhyme with no rhymes. its not what it is. we've missed the point as we point across crowds making our way through a mess. i must confess that i do feel blessed but not when i'm stressed. its such a hard fucking test. all of this is hard to grasp. its big and its little. oh how to find the middle. its a riddle that wriggles me daily. some say we must let go and most just hold on. i like both songs depending on my mood. i feel like i'm sending off soon somedays but most i don't. feel so strong. feel so sturdy as if nothings wrong. and somedays its seems everything is. as i dip down to the basics, the faces wash away leaving nothing but the basis of my body that my soul called shotty. i'll live this life till the end.

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