...zero fear...

space case


the in's, the out. the ups, the downs. the smiles, the frowns. the halos, the crowns. a twisty ol ride is what decides the tides as they turn & churn from right to left. What's left is right & the rest disappear into the night. as a kite in a breeze, the ease to make the most without the brag nor the boast is the most special feeling. a ceiling never too high and an ocean never too deep. as the ether of life seeps through my spirit, i need not stop to hear it. for it clears its own space & makes its own time. As time stands still it moves without a whisper. its fine if you blink more than once, you will not miss her. you kissed her with your soul, showing your love is on a roll. stroll through your curfew and pursue your virtue. this space case will make space for the everlasting embrace.

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