...zero fear...

the prayer


a present through presence. The essence of patience when days spent in spaces & places with faces that wash the backdrop. the thought of reaching the top has come to a stop. what you got is all that you will ever need. to feed the fire of love and desire, one must inspire through trust in the way. Each day is a chance to play and pay attention to the ascension of the self. Wealth through healthy choices...listening to the inner voices to be light bright enough to illuminate cloudy days. a mind set where nothing can phase you. let everything amaze you as you play through the stormy weather. whether or not the shock can knock you down, release the frown and be joyful bound. break past barriers cuz nothing is scarier than not knowing what's on the other side. with pride in stride & strength in body, the hobby of self love will rise above. Keep your pace. its not a race. be graceful and grateful. fly free little angel

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