...zero fear...

virtuously vexed


its hard to know which choice to choose. will i win or will i lose? confusing times can reprise the once wise virtues & bring about a whole new vision. A collision of negative vibes can bring you on the ride of a lifetime. the right time is now & the end is a beginning. living up to your full potential is essential. for somedays we need rest. do less to accomplish the most. host your fears in a get together & dont forget to teather  your foot or fear will stear you away from you. pursue the fearful but dont let it control you. you need it. you see that so come back to the place that has lacked & be a pack with your love intact. love life. love the life you live. give it your all. stand tall & walk at your pace. this place is yours so time to open doors again & let things free.

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