...zero fear...

you've got to be free


a piece inspired by "third eye" by TOOL. I had been listening to a lot of TOOL and i ran to the top of Green Mountain to meditate and all i could picture was this image and Maynard singing the most intense part of the song.. if you know you know, if you don't know and you're curious, check out the track and at 9:25 you'll know...& for the full experience, listen to the whole track.

& now a poem:

from what i can see, i need to be all i can be. free all i can free. believe in and trust in the guidance within. within all i continue to do, i must pursue all that lies within my virtue. consume the bloom and make room because doom is only a day that may come & may go, but whatever i say so is where i know i find flow in a world at a whole new low. reap what you sew & get what you give. Live up to get down to proceed with the crown, the halo, and the top hat. a cool cat & its just that. find tribe and let them reside where you mustn't hide. Inside is the ride your lifetime has confined within you. its you. its always been you and forever till the never it'll be you, so do you..i close it out with a moooooo...sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle

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